About Us

Mobility2you was created from the dream of an adult and the heart of a child.

7 Years in, our principles remain simple and pure, yet driven and purposeful


Creating a seamless path to independent living for all generations is the ethos and soul of the company


The company’s founder and CEO, Mr Alpesh Shah today drives our business forward. The seeds of our organisation come from the colleagues and associates that have both shaped our story in the past and those that live and breathe our vision on a daily bases. 


Today, our company synergises independent living at the core of healthcare, through its network of Pharmacy partners and healthcare professionals. 


In 2012 as Mobility2you was being created, Alpesh had turned to his most trusted marketing agency to bring to life his vision of the company’s brand and logo. As usual, the marketing team delivered a tremendous brand and Alpesh was really pleased with the professional look to the red and grey colours in the logo. It really complimented the industry that we were in. Alpesh took the designs home with a view to just contemplating the designs and signing them off in the morning. Alpesh left the designs on his bureau desk at home and went to bed. The following morning after his chai and porridge he was just about to place the designs back in his bag when he noticed that one of his young children had coloured in the logo….a child’s innocence defines the vibrancy of our organisation and therein also lies the heart of our brand


Mobility2you had been born. 


Alpesh has been at the heart and soul of this venture from the very first ‘M’ in our logo, however we have been blessed with some truly visionary colleagues along the way. Today we have a collaborative business model that is truly unparalleled and customer access points and goodwill which puts our customers at the centre of everything we do.


Mobility2you is a cooperative business model, where every single retailer is a moving part of our companies’ success. We will soon have a successful retail partner in every single town across the UK. Technology, social media and the web may be our store front, but our customers can be rest assured that pharmacies and trained healthcare environments will always remain at the heart of the service we provide.


It’s everything you love about ecommerce combined with real people in retail environments that you trust.


For our retail partners its finally a chance to compete and accentuate their skills on an uneven playing field stacked in their favour.

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By Post: Mobility2You Ltd, 1 North Way, Claverings Industrial Estate, Edmonton, London, N9 0AD

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